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Meeting Content

Neural Interfaces 2023 will be non-CME with rigorous disclosure, to allow wide participation and be maximally inclusive, cross-disciplinary, and facilitate interaction and discussion. The Neural Interfaces conference has a longstanding tradition of presentations, discussions and formal debates on the most salient problems to be solved in this era of fast technology advances; as such, the conducive scientific discussions will likely challenge all conference participants to propose and explore transformative concepts in neuromodulation and neural interfaces. Final program content will be curated through a combination of committee planning and open session proposals by the community. Content themes under development include:


•  Engineering Invasive and Non-Invasive Neural Interfaces

•  Clinical Neuromodulation (Approved Indications & Recent Advances)

•  Evidence-Based Training (Approved and Emerging Therapies)

•  Current Investigational Device-Based Clinical Trials

•  Neuroscience Tools and Emerging Technologies for Clinical Translation

•  Precision Medicine in Neuromodulation & Patient-Based Models

•  Federal Agency Initiatives (SPARC, BRAIN, SBIR/STTR, IDE)

•  Data Management & AI Innovations

•  The Patient Experience (Ethics, Psychosocial factors, Lived Experience, Access Disparity)


Neural Interfaces 2023 began as the annual “NIH Neural Prosthesis Workshop” in 1970 and grew over the years to become the most prominent multidisciplinary gathering of the leading engineers, neuroscientists, and clinicians engaged in brain-computer interfaces, clinical neuromodulation, and neural engineering translational research in the world.

The 2023 meeting will be the 45th Neural Interfaces conference. 

Neural Interfaces 2023 is the third partnership between the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) and the Neural Interfaces Conference Committee. NANS is the premier education, research, innovation, and advocacy organization representing neuromodulation in North America. 


The two organizations have partnered before on successful meetings in 2016 and 2021.

Looking to the Future

We are already looking forward. The same venue has been locked in for 2025 and we are planning well beyond!

Neural Interfaces Conference Dates (Thursday to Sunday):

• June 08-11, 2023 

• June 12-15, 2025

• June 10-13, 2027 (tentative)

• June 07-10, 2029 (tentative)

• June 12-15, 2031 (tentative)

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