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Crystal Gateway Marriott

Arlington, VA

June 8-11, 2023


Conference Overview

The mission of Neural Interfaces 2023 is to bring together engineers, clinicians, scientists, industry, and federal agencies to advance the development of neural interface technologies and neuromodulation therapies. 

The vision is a biennial meeting in the Washington DC metro area that actively meets a broad range of known yet unmet stakeholder needs. Each biennial conference will be a forum to:

  • Provide context for clinical outcomes in neuromodulation and other neurotech therapies 

  • Facilitate mutual education, collaboration, and vigorous discussion among the stakeholders

  • Present the science and engineering underlying evolving neural interface technologies

  • Describe the frontiers of invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation science and technology

  • Encourage trainees to present hypotheses and research findings to leaders across the field

  • Encourage Academia and Industry to identify, recruit, mentor, and foster talent

Submit a Session Proposal!

Curated and Open Meeting Sessions are forums where basic scientists, engineers, and clinicians develop solutions that address key issues, to unlock the true promise of neural interfaces and neuromodulation therapies to positively impact patient health. 


Community-Proposed Sessions seek to address critical driving questions important to advance the field .


Session Proposals Require: Session Goals, Key Questions, Potential Speakers, and the Envisioned Format.


Session Proposal Applications will be due March 15, 2023. 

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